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Jack Grossman and RJ Radcliffe sound off on this Friday's game, which will be the first time in 13 years that Male and Manual have met in the playoffs.

Check out some of the most memorable moments from Friday's 43-7 defeat against Male in the 133rd edition of the Old Rivalry.

See what the Ferguson Youth Initiative has been doing to unite the community of Ferguson after Michael Brown's shooting.

A depiction of some theories and insights of high school journalists, produced by the staff of Synapse.

Peter Champelli introduces the newest section of Manual RedEye, RedEye Humor.

Students and faculty share their stories of the first day of the school year.

A video summary of the 2014 AP English summer reading book, "The Grapes of Wrath".

Last year, Mr. Kuhn promised to make a music video if he received 100 good reviews on his book and one year later, that time has finally come.

Prom was just a few weeks ago for the juniors, so for their final video why not ask how their first prom experiences were.

For the final "Freshmen On" video, we decided to ask students questions from the required classes they take their freshmen year: Math, English, Science, Health, and Physical Education.