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Visual Art seniors New Chen, Alexis Thomas, La’Daija Bryant, Emma Collins, Michael Chou, Brooks Vessels, Julia Age, Tatiana Neuman and Jamie Esterly hosted this year’s fifth and final art gallery on May 14, 2015, which featured their work from throughout the year.

Chromaticity is the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength and its purity.

Age explained how she and the rest of her group came up with the title Chromaticity for their show.

“We all mutually agreed that chromaticity was nice to the ears and mind,” Age said. “We like that it focuses on colors individually, which gave us a chance to each choose a color that we feel represents our unique personalities.”

Thomas explained how it felt to have her art displayed in a gallery.

“It is an unexplainable feeling to have my work on display,” Thomas said. “Just looking back at my freshman year to now, man, it’s very rewarding and honoring. Senior art shows, to me, is like being commended for all of our hard work and progress throughout high school. I’m so grateful for Visual Arts.”

Age also elaborated on how it felt when she witnessed people viewing her artwork.

“I love seeing and reading the reactions that people have to my creations and the positive feelings that it creates for others,” Age said.

Check out some of the artwork displayed in “Chromaticity” here:

Art by Michael Chou.  Top: "Water holders Still Life" Bottom: "Old Modern Rainy Day" Right: "Spelunking and Speleology"
Art by Michael Chou.
Top: “Water holders Still Life”
Bottom: “Old Modern Rainy Day”
Right: “Spelunking and Speleology”
Art by Julia Age.  Top: "For my mother, who guides me through adventure." Middle left: "Natural Still Life" Bottom left: "The Purpose of my Spirit Porpoise"  Right: "Awakening in Love Self Portrait"
Art by Julia Age.
Top: “For my mother, who guides me through adventure.”
Middle left: “Natural Still Life”
Bottom left: “The Purpose of my Spirit Porpoise”
Right: “Awakening in Love Self Portrait”
Art by La'Daija Bryant. Top left: "Woman in Wrap" Bottom left: "Natural Woman" Right: "Madison"
Art by La’Daija Bryant.
Top left: “Woman in Wrap”
Bottom left: “Natural Woman”
Right: “Madison”
Art by Tatiana Neuman. Left: "Butterfly" Bottom middle: "50 Shades of Hugh" Right: "Squids"
Art by Tatiana Neuman.
Left: “Butterfly”
Bottom middle: “50 Shades of Hugh”
Right: “Squids”
Art by Alexis Thomas. Left: "Metamorphosis of a Queen" Top right: "Persistence of an Empath" Middle right: "Thought Process" Bottom right: "Leaves in Layers of Colors"
Art by Alexis Thomas.
Left: “Metamorphosis of a Queen”
Top right: “Persistence of an Empath”
Middle right: “Thought Process”
Bottom right: “Leaves in Layers of Colors”
Art by Jamie Esterly. Top left: "CENSORED" Bottom left: "Mockery" Top right: "Bruised"
Art by Jamie Esterly.
Top left: “CENSORED”
Bottom left: “Mockery”
Top right: “Bruised”
Art by Brooks Vessels. Top left: "Gomnia Salva" Top right: "Stifled" Bottom: "Lace and Leaf Beetles"
Art by Brooks Vessels.
Top left: “Gomnia Salva”
Top right: “Stifled”
Bottom: “Lace and Leaf Beetles”
Art by Emma Collins. Top Right: "Blinds" Bottom Right: "It's a Metaphor" Top Right: "Window Seat" Mannequin: "Bubble Dress" (made of bubble wrap)
Art by Emma Collins.
Top Right: “Blinds”
Bottom Right: “It’s a Metaphor”
Top Right: “Window Seat”
Mannequin: “Bubble Dress” (made of bubble wrap)
Art by New Chen.  Top left: "Ritual" Middle Left: "Michael" Bottom Left: "Feral Creature" Top Right: "Self portrait in Blue" Middle Right: "Lil' Wang" Bottom Right: "Dissolving"
Art by New Chen.
Top left: “Ritual”
Middle Left: “Michael”
Bottom Left: “Feral Creature”
Top Right: “Self portrait in Blue”
Middle Right: “Lil’ Wang”
Bottom Right: “Dissolving”

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On April 15, nine Visual Art seniors put on the fourth senior art show of this year, titled “Unearthed.” Shelby Mattingly, Mumu Lin, Michael Crawford, Sera Waters, Alma Martinez, Danielle Bartley, Casey Hoke, Lilia Conklin and Hugh Hoagland displayed their art for schoolmates, teachers, friends and family to see.

Provided are photos of their artwork:

The artists were pleased with how the show turned out.

“It’s a huge success, it was everything we planned for and we got it done in a short amount of time,” Bartley said.

“I’m so happy. It’s exactly how I imagined it to be,” Waters (12, VA).

Hoke explained how the show got the name “Unearthed.”

“Sera Waters proposed that we do a cave theme. We had a couple of other ideas, such as a Northern Lights theme, but we thought that we could do a lot more with the space,” Hoke said, “The title is nine letters long, and there are nine artists in our show. Also, the title has the word ‘art’ right in the middle.”

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Manual Visual Art seniors Madi Gonsalves, Hang Nguyen, Kasey Scarbrough, Kyleen Johnson, Kendall Swann, Allison Paxton, Marissa Pantoja and Abby Stowers hosted their senior art show entitled “Apricity” last Wednesday, Dec. 10.

Apricity featured many medias of work done by each of the eight artists so far this year.

VA seniors will not set up another art show until after Christmas break, however, Apricity will be open to all students in the VA annex on the first floor until the next show comes.

The definition for “apricity” is the warmth of the sun in the winter. Gonsalves explains the reason for the group giving the show this title.

“We wanted a themed name, something along the lines of water,” Gonsalves said. “That was a middle ground for everyone in the group and we all agreed on it.”

Scarbrough revealed how she felt about the outcome of the show.

“I think it turned out well for the amount of time we had to pull it all together,” Scarbrough said. “Overall, seeing my art and my peers’ work in the show was a good feeling.”

Gonsalves also elaborated on how it felt to have her work on display for a large number of attendees.

“I got to experience my first gallery opening, a sneak peek of what it feels like to be a successful artist,” Gonsalves said. “I felt like I got closer to the art community in Louisville and I was able to say I contributed to something I never thought I was capable of.”

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Manual Visual Art (VA) seniors Olivia Knepshield, Sierra Zwenger, Cameron Mader, Yvonne Taylor, Naudica Sermon, Dylan Daves, Alex Reczek and Darius Payne hosted the first senior art gallery of the school year, entitled “The Pulse Beats Red,” on Nov. 18, 2014.

“The Pulse Beats Red” displayed different medias of art created by each of the eight senior so far this year.

To follow the “pulse” theme, the seniors set up a speaker that projected a loud heartbeat.

New galleries will be set up by different groups of seniors in the Visual Arts magnet throughout the school year.

“I think that we were all satisfied with the outcome,” Knepshield said. “I feel that I have gotten to know some great people in my magnet.”

Taylor made the best of her experience.

“The gallery was so much fun because I was with all of my friends, so it made my senior experience more memorable,” Taylor said.

Jennifer Mansfield (12, J&C) attended the gallery, and it was the first time she had attended a  VA gallery opening.

“I feel like it [the art] impacts you more if you know the artist personally. Knowing that you’re in the same grade or class as the artists is interesting and adds a lot to my experience,” Mansfield said.


The seniors participated in the annual Senior Picnic as part of their closing activities before graduation.

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One of the things that graduating seniors look forward to most every year is being let out of school earlier than the rest of the underclassmen. As seniors, they earned this privilege due to their hard work over the fours years they’ve attended high school. Many seniors at Manual stated that they’ve been looking forward to that since the first day of senior year; however, their wishes of an early last day of school will not come true due to some unforeseen weather this winter.

At the beginning of the school year, on August 20, the last day of school for seniors was set to be on May 29. This is about the time of year when seniors at most schools get out; mid to late May. Due to severe weather in December, January, and February, Manual students were let out of school on eleven different occasions. Most students were thrilled to get out of school for a day at the time, but what they didn’t think about is that those snow days would be tacked on to the end of the year.

“The snow days were great, don’t get me wrong, but now that I’m seeing all my friends at other schools go on vacation before me, a part of me wishes we never had the snow days,” Andrew Wood (12) said.

Even other schools in JCPS are letting their seniors out early. For example, Atherton High School let their seniors out a week early (May 30th) this year.

“Yeah it does kind of suck that even other JCPS schools are getting out earlier than us but it’s one minor annoyance. I’d still much rather go to Manual than any other school, even if it means we get out a little later than everyone else,” Dan Cobourn (12) said.

The students are now set to get out of school on June 6, two days later than the original date. JCPS hopes to avoid this problem next year by adding more make up days throughout the year, as opposed to adding them all at once at the end of the year.



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Name: Tristan Williams

Magnet: YPAS

Memorable moments at Manual?  When we messed up the pep rally freshman year and no one let us live it down.

What are your plans after graduation? College, work, GETTING MONEY! I’m going to Vanderbilt University.
3 things you learned at Manual?
1) Don’t procrastinate
2) Believe in yourself
3) Don’t struggle…the struggle is lame

“Back in my day…” Back in my day people were taller!

Any regrets? “No Ragrets”

Advice for next year’s seniors? Take classes that you actually care about because it makes senioritis easier.


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Name: Hannah Smith

Magnet: VA

Claim to fame? All the times we beat Male, all four years!

What are your plans after graduation? Majoring in Architecture at the University of Kentucky.

3 things you learned at Manual:
1) Take classes that you actually like and are intrested in.
2) Find your real friends.
3) Appreciate your time here at Manual and don’t just let it go by.

“Back in my day…” Back in my day phones were against the rules to have out

Any regrets? I didn’t know VA was going to be so time consuming by the time I was a senior. I wish I had applied to HSU.

Advice for next year’s seniors? Make better themes for the pep rallies, don’t sit down at them.

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Name: Kierra Benford

Magnet: HSU

Memorable moment at Manual?  Red/White week every year, and staying after school.

What are your plans after graduation? I’m going to University of Kentucky, and at some point study abroad in Trinidad.
 3 things you learned at Manual:
1) Not everyone who says that they are your friend really is
2) If we have a certain amount of snow days they get taken away
3) It’s not what you know it’s who you know

 “Back in my day…” Back in my day we actually went outside and played, we didn’t stay inside and play video games and watch TV.

Any regrets? Nope.

Advice to next year’s seniors?  Try to keep your grades up until you know how you’re paying for college.


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Dorsey, Danielleedit

Name: Danielle Dorsey

Magnet: J&C

Memorable moments at Manual?  Freshman year; the spirit was crazy, the atmosphere was better, and everyone had school spirit!

What are your plans after graduation? I’m majoring in Broadcast at Western Kentucky University.
3 things you learned at Manual:
1) Get involved, join sports teams, and clubs
2) Always strive to be the best, and perform with academic integrity
3) Dont procrastinate…study!

“Back in my day…”  Back in my day at Manual High School we were allowed to wear yoga pants.

Any regrets? Plenty, but that’s life, and you should keep moving forward

Advice for next year’s seniors? Keep the Manual spirit going, try to get involved, encourage the underclassmen to get involved, and keep a strong student section, because that’s what Manual is all about.