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We’re right in the heart of Senior Soakers 2013 and about 50 seniors have already been eliminated. With all these eliminations taking place, there are always certain ones that really draw the eyes of fellow seniors as being very creative or clever. Since the start of senior soakers there have been tons of notable eliminations that have made their way through the grapevine at Manual that we considered to be the best of the best. Unfortunately, we had to narrow it down to one story to write about for this weeks “Elimination of the Week”.

This elimination was bold, unexpected, and never done before.  Calvin Humphreys eliminated Mason Gersh in a way that many described as “mafia style” because of his blunt disregard for anything else except for his target. He had a mission and he was going to carry it out no matter what.

Humphreys found out (from a source who wished to remain anonymous) that Gersh was out at a restaurant with his friends. As soon as Humphreys discovered this he rushed over, water gun in hand, to the restaurant that Gersh was eating at. Once he got to the restaurant he spotted his target through the window. He walked through the doors and prepared to soak his target. He was stopped by the waiter at the restaurant because water guns weren’t allowed in the restaurant. “Calvin just didn’t say anything, walked right past her, shot Mason and walked back out. It was so ballsy,” said Patrick Frentz (12).

Gersh was shocked to say the least. “I didn’t see that coming at all, I mean you don’t soak a man while he’s dining,” said Gersh. For next weeks “Elimination of the Week”, stay tuned to

As of today, Papalinos Pizza of Cardinal Towne has closed.

The popular restaurant posted on its Facebook page on Monday that it would be closing temporarily for “maintenance,” but on Wednesday it posted another message indicating that the pizzeria would be closing for good. “We regret that we had to close the UofL location today. It is a very sad day for the Papalinos family. We hope that you continue to support the Papalinos family at Baxter Ave.,” the post said. The restaurant did not give a reason for the closure.

Papalinos now stands empty, without workers or tables, the hours of operation on its doors removed. Throughout the day, people came to the restaurant, only to find it empty.

Students were disappointed by the closure. “I love Papalinos,” Samantha Moorin (11) said. “Their pizza was great, and I have great memories there with my team after games, eating their huge slices and just having fun there. I’m really sad about it, because it was one of my favorite places in Cardinal Towne, and now it’s gone.”

They were the only place that had spicy chicken sausage pizza,” Elizabeth Wiseman (12) said. “Where am I supposed to get spicy chicken sausage now? They don’t have that at Kroger.”


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East Asian food is taking the East End of Louisville by storm. Beginning with the successful opening of Simply Thai on Shelbyville Road, Asian restaurants have started popping up everywhere. The most recent opening of Masa Japanese Bistro and Sushi Bar has proven that these restaurants are going for quality, not just quantity.

Masa is located at 12336 Shelbyville Road in an outdated strip mall next to the YMCA. The outside is not very impressive, but the interior is decorated with a cool, East-Asia-meets-modern-downtown-café style. In the early days of the restaurant, the place was never terribly crowded and reservations weren’t necessary, but as its popularity has grown the wait for a table has increased to about ten to fifteen minutes, and reservations are advised.

What makes Masa stand out from the crowd is its delicious food and wide variety of sushi. The menu is filled with perfectly portioned combinations of hibachi style entrees, with sushi, soups, salads and creative appetizers. This restaurant is particularly vegetarian friendly because of a convenient menu option: diners can substitute all meat entrées with tofu or seafood.

The most surprising must-order item on Masa’s menu is the Shrimp Typhoon Rolls, a delicious cooked sushi roll featuring steamed shrimp and potatoes all wrapped up in crunchy rice noodles. The description on the menu makes the dish sound a little peculiar, but one flaky, savory bite will change your mind. If sushi just really isn’t your thing, you can still find something delicious at Masa. The entrees mostly consist of hibachi vegetables, cooked to perfection in scrumptious brown sauce; meat, including beek, pork, chicken, shrimp, scallops, salmon and tofu; and either steamed or fried rice. All the entrees are sized perfectly so there’s no mountain of rice or noodles to stuff yourself on like so many Asian restaurants serve. The food at Masa leaves you feeling light and energized, not bogged down on giant, oily portions.

Because of its unique atmosphere and authentic cuisine, diners at Masa will find themselves thinking they’re in East Asia rather than the East End. This new addition to the Middletown restaurant scene is definitely worth both a visit and little bit of boldness.

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A purse, n. A woman’s bag for carrying keys, a wallet, and other personal items; a handbag. The purse I’m currently sporting is a large black signature Coach purse, with gold accents. This purse happens to be my favorite, one that every high school girl covets, and one that took two full paychecks to afford. When someone pictures this handbag in his or her mind, he or she wouldn’t normally associate it with the words burden, hassle, or liability, right? I have done my research, and have pinpointed numerous scenarios that prove this innocent ‘purse’, perfectly embodies those words.

Imagine this: You are walking in to school, with a 20-pound bag impeding on just one of your weak shoulders. Of course, this automatically causes you to unknowingly walk with one shoulder higher then the other, thus making you look like a freaky ogre doting a huge flamboyant bag. You finally muster the strength to heave this bag on your shoulder, up the stairs, to the second floor. You sit down in class without knocking even one desk over—this is a good day. Now begins the dreaded ritual. The friend next to you asks for a bobby pin—so you being to shuffle for hours through papers, make-up, little fruitless pouches holding expired coupons, and random components of your lunch (the squashed banana, or the occasional perfume covered sandwich)—this situation is very comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. At last! You find a bobby pin and hand it to the unappreciative neighbor. You figure you deserve a reward, so you sink down in your chair and stealthy unwrap a piece of gum—no luck. The boy behind you has already clamored, “Can I have a piece?!” And you raise your head in dismay to 10 anxious hands jabbing at you.

Not to mention having a purse is like babysitting a child. All of your most valuable possessions are clustered in one spot—if you lose one, you’ve lost it all. This calls for extreme alertness, awareness of your surroundings, and occasionally the basic ninja skills. On top of that, there are a couple of times a week when you get to experience the mini-heart attack of looking down and your ‘baby’ not being where you left it. I don’t know which is worse, losing someone else’s child, or losing your purse filled with everything that makes you, you.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of perks to owning a purse. If your make-up smears, you always have immediate access to a compact or eyeliner. If you chip your nail from just working too hard, nail polish and a filer are at your fingertips. And, if you happen to be the author of The Informed Argument, your favorite restaurant just might accept those expired coupons.

Purses are not all fun and games, but they’ve also proven to be very convenient when you need something the most. If you enjoy being able to move your arms freely, little commitment, and torturing yourself with the unpredictability of life, a purse may not be for you. If you are a natural born achiever, stay dedicated to this purse, treat it like you would a new born baby, and promise to fill it with anything you could ever need and more, you just may be able to tackle the infamous purse. 


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Thai Food lovers in the East End rejoice! The popular St. Matthews restaurant “Simply Thai” has opened a new location in Middletown at 12003 Shelbyville Rd. Many may notice that this new location has previously been home to three failed restaurants – but judging by the food and the crowd, Simply Thai will be around for awhile. 

The menu is well-priced, ranging from $4.50-$6.99 for appetizers and $8-$20 for pretty large entrees. It includes many Thai food favorites like fried rice, pad thai, and spring rolls but also offers more unique dishes like edamame dumplings and “loaded” fried rice, topped with edamame and black beans. The restaurant can prepare most dishes vegetarian or vegan if requested, and all dishes can be prepared with a spiciness level ranging from 1-5. 

The large menu can be daunting, but being a frequent visitor I have quickly found my favorites. The loaded fried rice is deliciously unique, featuring the classic tastes of vegetable fried rice with the addition of edamame, black beans, onions, and spiciness. The variety of curries offered, red, green, massaman, pineapple and yellow, are all delicious, but my personal favorite has been the creamy but light massaman. All curries can be ordered with a chicken, tofu, TVP (texturized tofu) or beef or shrimp for an extra $1. All the entrees are big enough to share with at least two people but many are perfect to eat the day after for lunch at school.

The restaurant’s open for lunch and dinner Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.  to 2:30 p.m.  and 4:30 to 9:30 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 to 10:30 p.m. and Saturday noon to 3 p.m. and 5 to 10:30 p.m. There’s generally a decent crowd, but parking can be difficult because of the always-crowded Havana Rhumba next door, with whom the restaurant shares a parking lot. 

A new feature of the Middletown Simply Thai is that you can make reservations online or over the phone, up to weeks in advance. Find out for yourself why Simply Thai is simply delicious! 

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As the end of school approaches, jobs to which teens can apply for the summer are opening all over Louisville. Whether it be at the Rose Bowl, the Fresh Market, or Krispy Kreme, a job can be found to suit any student.

AMF Rose Bowl Lane Birthday Party Host

– 2217 Goldsmith Lane location

–  For information call (502) 451.5717 or visit the bowling lane’s website

Baskin-Robbins Crew Member

– 3959 Taylorsville Road location

–  For information call (502) 458.8243 or visit the ice cream shop’s website

Part-time Fresh Market Cashier

– 10480 Shelbyville Rd. location

– For information call (502) 244.1844 or visit the store’s website

Steak n’ Shake Drive-Thru Operator

–  For information call (502) 326.3625 or visit the restaurant’s website

– 10721 Fischer Park Drive location

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Team Member

– 3000 Bardstown Road location

– For information call (502) 451.4880 or visit the store’s website

Joe’s Crab Shack Host

– 131 River Road location

– For information call (502) 568.1171 or visit the restaurant’s website

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If you’ve ever heard of Proof, you know that this is one of the most prestigious and award-winning restaurants in Louisville. Consumers flock there not only for the gourmet food and exquisite ambiance, but for a museum full of avant-garde modern art: the 21C Museum Hotel in Downtown Louisville. Proof provides an eating experience unlike any other.

My family and I decided on this restaurant for my sister’s birthday, just like we had the year before. The staff has always been very accommodating, although it did take around ten minutes to get our bread. I was starving when I arrived, so I immediately ordered the first course that caught my eye—which happened to be the butternut squash soup. When it arrived at the table, the presentation was beautiful. There were chunks of squash and chips of brioche waiting in the bottom of the white oval bowl. Our server poured the warm orange broth over them, and I dug in. The soup was very soft and very rich, and I understood why the portion was so petite once I had finished it—the sumptuous chocolate and pungent vegetables fill you up quickly.

For the main course, I ordered the pan-roasted sea scallops, made with diced grapefruit and in a creamy sauce. The combination of citrus and dense sauce was perfect, and the scallops were extremely tender and juicy. The only issue with the dish was that it cost $30 and came with only three scallops. Of course, these types of portions are expected from such a high-end restaurant, but it was a slight let down; I was looking forward to a hearty meal. The scallops did seem to give me the feeling of being satiated, though I think that may have been the richness of the food rather than the shellfish itself.

My dad ordered the Pacific Sturgeon, which was light, simple and delicious. My mom ordered the Iowa Berkshire pork, which she fell in love with and complimented numerous times throughout the dinner. The pork was flavorful and cooked to perfection, and the portion was reasonable for $28. My sister is a vegetarian, so she opted for a simple dish: pasta with tomato sauce. She really enjoyed it, but I thought the taste was a little odd—then again, I’m a meat eater. For a side, we ordered the Wiesenberger grits with cracked black pepper and Parmigianino cheese, which were absolutely scrumptious.

Overall, the food was delectable, despite the large prices. To justify the expense, I keep in mind that the restaurant largely supports the region’s sustainable farmers and producers, and all of its food is always fresh and pure.

If you’re looking for a fancy, upscale restaurant to dine in with friends and family, this one should definitely be your first pick, with extraordinary food, impressive service, and an intriguing, modern art museum all in one. This is not a place you come across every day, so Louisvillians, do not let the chance pass you by!

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Steak n Shake Drive-Thru Operator
-10721 Fischer Park Drive
-For information call (502) 326-3625 the restaurant’s website

Michaels Arts & Crafts Night and Weekend Customer Experience Manager 
-10221 Westport Road
-For information contact (502) 412-4922

Burger King Team Member  
-12719 Shelbyville Road
-For information call (502) 245-1055 the restaurant’s website

Toys’R’Us Sales Team Member  
-6650 Dixie Highway
-For information contact (502) 935-5359

Baskin-Robbins Crew Member 
-3959 Taylorsville Road
-For information call (502) 458-8243 

AMF Bowling Food & Beverage Attendant  
-2217 Goldsmith Lane
-For information call (502) 451-5717

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Manual students looking for work can apply at these places of employment.   

KFC Team Member Job
-3280 Taylor Blvd. KFC location.  
-Applications online

Taco Bell Shift Lead Hourly Job.
-3950 Taylorsville Road location.
-Applications are available

Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen
-3737 Lexington Road location.
-For information call (502) 893-3303 or the restaurant’s website

Domino’s Pizza Pizza Delivery Drivers.

-10011 Dixie Highway.
-For more information call 502-935-3030.

Michaels Arts & Crafts Cashier job.
-10221 Westport Road location.
-For information contact (502) 412-4922 or the craft store’s website

Kyla Grant is a sophomore in the Communications program at DuPont Manual High School. She is interested in photography and history. She is in Key club and French club.

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On Oct. 15, Choices Yogurt Bar opened the doors of its second location at 2723 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy.

“The restaurant draws many teenagers, being next to Showcase Cinemas Stonybrook,” owner William Cohen said. “But there have been many families who have come in for a treat as well.”

The restaurant offers 12 different flavors of yogurt, many of which are offered seasonally. During the school year, the restaurant is open from 12 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday and 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturdays.

“I loved the variety of flavors, and it’s also great to be eating something both good and healthy for you at the same time,” Paoli Ortiz (11) said.

There is another Choices location at 2214 Holiday Manor.