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A creative portrait project inspired by the band Bastille.

There's a new kind of ramp coming to the downtown skate park. Click on this article to read more.

AP English juniors competed to show off their creative and sarcastic sides in their satire projects.

Studio project by Mesa Serikali

Crimson Cartography allows students to illustrate their unique Manual experience and share it with others.

HSU student Kayla Soren has begun a project to replace some of the styrofoam cafeteria trays with more environmentally-friendly paper trays.

Since last year, the Gay/Straight/Transgender Alliance has been working on a symbol showing support of LGBT students for teachers to display in their rooms. However, the administration wants the distribution of the triangles to stop until the teachers can receive sensitivity training.

The project, 200, named when all the file names were coincidentally in the 200s, Yazmin decided to name it that.As an experimental project, the portraits don't...

duPont Manual seniors embark on a mission to build a house for Habitat for Humanity as their senior project. After 10 months of planning,...

"Hairesy" is a studio project focusing on the love and appreciation of your hair.