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Just because Congress failed to pass a spending bill before midnight last night to keep the government open, it doesn’t mean we’re living in a Mad Max-style anarchic world now. Here’s a list of what you can and can’t do during the first shutdown since 1995.


1. Bring a bomb on a plane (or a container bigger than 3.4 oz).

photo courtesy of US Navy

While many government agencies will remain closed until after the shutdown, essential positions such as law enforcement, TSA agents and border patrol are required to work for free. So don’t try any funny business, mister.

2. Plan a trip to the Grand Canyon.

 photo courtesy of US National Parks

All U.S. National Parks and National Forests are closed until Congress sorts this whole mess out, including Yosemite National Park, which celebrates its 123 birthday today by closing. All other federal-funded attractions such as the Statue of Liberty and Smithsonian Museums are closed as well.

3. Retire.

photo byLazlo Salazar

If you’re already receiving Social Security, you will continue to so you won’t have to pull a Brett Favre and come out of retirement, but if you plan on applying, you’ll have to wait as your application won’t get processed.

4. Try to get on any federal government website.

photo by Robert P Lemezski

God knows why you would try to do this normally, but all federal government websites are shut down until further notice. Just take a gander at the U.S. Department of Agriculture website…or the Department of Education…or the Department of Labor.

5. Watch the Navy vs.Air Force football game.

The US Naval Academy, West Point Army Academy and Air Force Academy, which are run by the US Department of Defense, have been forced to suspend all collegiate athletic competitions until the shutdown ends. But c’mon, who really wants to watch a 1-4 Mountain West team play a team that lost to WKU and is ranked 116th in the FBS in passing yards?


1. Go to School.

To the disappointment of many eager students, there is no such thing as a “My-Senator-and/or-Representative-couldn’t-raise-the-debt-ceiling  Day” (trust me, we checked twitter). Because public schools are funded at the state level, classes will remain in session.

2.Write Letters.

photo courtesy of Web Gallery of Art

From my understanding, before the age of social media or e-mail, people wrote on pieces of paper in a now-extinct ancient language called cursive, then sent them to each other through a slow and painful process called the US Postal Service, or so the old legend goes. But if you are over the age of 65 or want to try and poison your local Senator for putting you through this fiasco, the Postal Service will remain open.

3. Write to your local Representative or Senator.

photo courtesy of U.S. Congress

Hey, why not. Maybe you will convince them to get some things done. But before you send that angry rant or suspicious package, check out this list of lawmakers that will be turning down their pay during the budget debacle.

4. Apply online for Obamacare.

photo byPete Souza

Whether you like it or not, a main portion of the president’s Affordable Care Act went into effect today, making all Americans eligible for health insurance.

 On the Hill, making sense out of political nonsense

Image by Ian Johnson

Photo courtesy of US Navy and James Alan

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This week’s Manual AM episode covers aspiring musicians at Manual and the ongoing efforts of VA seniors. Dr. Oliver Lucas has a special message after the show.

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At this year’s Ramstock on October 17, four performers, including Micah Walker (12), Carrie Holdreith (10), Clare Hagan (10), and the four-person band GoodLuck Joseph, performed either covers of songs or their own original songs. As per Ramstock tradition, students in attendance voted for their favorite act at the end of the show.

The winner of Ramstock was GoodLuck Joseph, consisting of Aaron Dyche (12), Cole McNair (11), Zack Uhlenhuth (12), and Nick Uhlenhuth (12).

“I thought they did really well. It seemed like an easy win for them after [their performance] last year,” Timberlee Sutton (12) said.

Kate Hovious (11) especially liked Carrie Holdreith’s singing and guitar playing at Ramstock. “She played all my favorite songs! And it really takes a lot of guts to perform alone,” Hovious said. 

Freshman Kayla Wienczkowski said her first Ramstock “was very fun and different from usual after school activities.” Her favorite performance was by Clare Hagan.

Prior to the announcement that his band had won, Cole McNair (11) of GoodLuck Joseph thought the band had a good chance of winning, but was impressed by the other acts. “Micah Walker’s band did really well,” he said.

GoodLuck Joseph’s prize for coming in first at Ramstock was the chance to perform at the Male/Manual pep rally.

Richard Ballard (12) was impressed with the band’s pep rally performance, especially with the addition of guest performer Ian “IanJ” Johnson (12), who rapped a couple of verses with the band.

“[GoodLuck Joseph was] very entertaining and really got the crowd going,” Ballard said.

“Aaron Dyche asked me a few weeks ago to perform with them at the pep rally if they won Ramstock,” Johnson said.  “I was really excited to do it; they’re a great band.”

Johnson, in addition to pumping up the crowd, started his own “Red/White Cheer” with the students. “It was an awesome experience,” he said.

“He’s already proven himself as a talented rapper,” Dyche said. “There wasn’t a better person to ask.”

“It felt cool to win Ramstock, and performing with IanJ at the pep rally was really exciting,” McNair said. “He added a lot to the show.”


Cal Handmaker is a senior at Manual and has always been in CMA. He is on the Multimedia staff but mainly edits video. He is also a music producer.

After the boys’ varsity game against Brown School on September 13, the team held its annual Senior Night to honor the outgoing seniors.

Patrick Haertel is the Student Life Editor for Manual’s Crimson Yearbook, Assistant Copy Editor and Business Clubs reporter for Manual RedEye and a General Photographer for CSPN.

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Last Thursday night, the duPont Manual High School boys’ varsity soccer team defeated rival Louisville Male High School at Manual Stadium with a score of 8-7.

The score of the actual soccer game was 1-1, but the two teams were competing for districts, so Manual won by scoring four penalty kicks to Male’s three after the teams had completed two sets of five-minute overtime.

“This game was so intense. The Male/Manual soccer game is always a good game and this year was the same. [Male] beat us last year, so it was kind of like payback,” said Ian Johnson (12), goalie for Manual’s varsity. Johnson stopped three of the six penalty kicks from Male.

Jacob Sloan (11) made the only goal, excluding penalty kicks, for Manual, and Kaleb Bayse (10) made the only goal, also excluding penalty kicks, for Male.

“It was a good game and I’m looking forward to next year, but this year definitely could have gone better for us,” said Male goalie Lee Lewis (11).

After the game, Coach Jeremy Hedges said, “I feel like the boys played really well and I’m proud of them. Until the Atherton game on Saturday [9/10], we’ll just be trying to keep the boys healthy and heal up any injuries that we may have gotten tonight.”

The varsity team tied on Saturday against Atherton High School, and beat Brown School in a game on September 13.

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Ian Johnson (11) recently signed a contract with Force One Seven studios in Chicago, Illinois. Having performed his first show as the opening act for Timeflies at Miami University on April 27, Johnson continued his unofficial tour as the main event on May 5 at the Geisha House, a large club in Los Angeles, California.

Johnson, known in the music world as “IanJ,” gained popularity through music sharing websites such as Good Music All Day and Fresh2Death Daily. In the style of “hip-pop”, or electronic hip-hop, Johnson’s first mixtape, “Lettermans & Wayfarers,” sampled popular songs as well as original rap lyrics.

Although Johnson’s music spread rapidly, he attributed his success to his managers, Matthew Walters and Kristopher Linney.

“[Performing] has been really cool,” said Johnson, “my managers are awesome, and I’m gaining a fan base all around the nation and out of the country— it’s so crazy to see that happening.”

Information on Johnson, including downloadable music links, can be found on his Facebook page.

By: Christa Iwu, Reporter

After a month of off-season training, the boys tennis team competed in the DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships this past weekend. Hosted at Top Gun Academy in Louisville, 28 teams from around the nation participated in the tournament, each team playing six doubles matches and three singles matches. 

The boys’ team played in the second division of the tournament, along with twelve other teams. Manual placed third in their division, beating teams from Illinois, Arizona, and Kentucky.

“It was the first big competition of the year, and despite the freezing weather and hail, we remained focused and supportive of one another,” Clayton Olash (11) said.

Manual won matches against Brophy High School from Illinois, and Latin High School in Arizona.

“I was optimistic we could pull off a few big time wins,” said Team Captain Alex Menzel (12). “Training played a crucial role in how prepared we were for games and tournaments.”

By: Ian Johnson, Reporter

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by Ian Johnson

The Manual boys’ tennis team has continued to hold conditioning practices every Tuesday and Thursday after school in preparation for tryouts on February 15th.

These practices take place in the hallway outside Coach Tim Smith’s (Spanish) classroom — and on the track when weather permits — for an hour and a half.

“One day is more focused on cardio and strength, while the next day is more focused on footwork,” said Coach Smith.

Both new and returning players have been attending the practices and each session has been open to anyone interested in playing this year.

“We (returning players) have been trying to help out the new freshmen with each of the exercises and hope to boost team camaraderie and chemistry,” said Allan Bartlett (12), who is captain of the team.

Coach Smith noted that some players weren’t as well prepared as others for the fitness sessions, but was positive towards player improvement.

The Manual girls’ tennis team was scheduled to begin conditioning last week, but was not able to due to cancellations based on weather conditions.

“The practices have been canceled because of snow, but we still have four weeks to condition before tryouts start,” said Monali Haldancar (12).