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The YPAS Musical Theatre seniors will be performing their senior workshop “A Chorus Line” on March 31 at 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theater. It is free to attend.

Ms. Gail Benedict (Musical Theatre) was in the performance on a national tour and on Broadway for three years.

“It’s a very difficult piece. It’s deceptively simple on the surface, but this is a gifted group who can handle it,” Ms. Benedict said. “It’s kind of neat that they can do this together. They all complement each other so well and support each other.”

“It was an honor to have [Ms. Benedict] trust us with a project that is so dear to her heart,” Kennedy Metcalf (12, YPAS) said. “We’ve worked very hard on this project and hope to have a great turnout Tuesday night.”

Sarah Kowalski (12, YPAS) hands her headshot to Adam Herp (12, YPAS). In the play, the performers are auditioning for a part in a chorus line. Photo by Sarah Anderson.
(From left to right) Aaron Roitman (12, YPAS), Jordan Lee (12, YPAS), and Sara Cox (12, YPAS) during “A Chorus Line” dress rehearsal. Photo by Sarah Anderson.


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On May 3, tap teacher Ms. Gail Benedict found her class room disrupted and vandalized from the day before. The window blinds were pulled down, unable to be pulled back up, and footprints were smeared on the walls.

The incident occurred during the last two blocks of Thursday afternoon. “It could have happened after school, but I doubt it,” Ms Benedict said.

“There are outsiders who use our space. Sports teams and classes,” Ms. Benedict said. “But generally there should be a teacher supervising.”

“My humanities class used Ms. Benedict’s classroom for dance presentations the other day,” Elizabeth Wiseman (12) said. “We didn’t mess anything up, but we weren’t supervised. ” Ms. Benedict is requesting that in the case that a student is in need of her class room, they must be escorted by her or Mr. Reedy.

On February 20-21, the dance concert had its first performance. The dances throughout the show were choregraphed by Ms. Kimberly Lynn Herndon, Ms. Theresa Mudd, Ms. Lora Ruttan, and Gail Benedict.


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The Youth Performing Arts School hosted the 2012 dance concert on February 23.