Mrs. Finley assembled a series of performances to celebrate black history month, showcasing songs and poems from several students.

In light of the action packed Divisional Playoff round, the NFL’s concussion protocol needs to be re-evaluated due to violent hits and controversial tackles.

R.A.M. hosts RJ Radcliffe and Jack Grossman welcome special guest Reagan Roy to discuss the upcoming Super Bowl game featuring the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.


Students taking AP Human Geography are working in teams of two to four to design and execute service-learning projects centered around health or food security.


This February, be sure to check out the films Trainspotting, Zodiac and The Imitation Game, all of which are coming to Hulu within the month.

Watch hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform hits, such as "Thift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us," live at the Louisville Palace this weekend.


After the panic following the announcement that JCPS would operate on high security on Jan. 8, Louisville must learn to respond more productively to breaking news.


Jordyn Stumpf (11, J&C) profiles fellow student Zach Lindsey (11, YPAS), who was recently eliminated from Lifetime's Project Runway: Junior.