OPINION: The ACT is confidential for a reason

Patrick Smalley explains why it's probably best to keep your stellar (or not-so-stellar) scores to yourself.

100 Word Rant: Prom

Watch the second installment of the series featuring different Manual students' varying opinions.

OPINION: Brian Williams, Bill O’Reilly and other reasons why you should...

With recent stories involving sensationalized journalism, writer Shea Dobson explains why we must hold news corporations accountable.

100 Word Rant: Academic Recognition

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Destigmatizing mental illness in high schools

Guest writer Sarah Kelley calls for a change in how we approach mental illness in schools.

Feminism 101: TERF

In this episode, students discuss why TERF, or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism, is harmful to trans women and the feminist movement.

OPINION: Je suis Charlie, ou non?

Two Crimson Record writers weigh in on how much support we should offer Charlie Hebdo.

OPINION: Parents should place less emphasis on short-term grade-tracking

The prevalence of “helicopter parenting” actually harms children in the long run and prevents them from cultivating the skills they need to succeed on their own.

Feminism 101: Catcalling

Manual students discuss the effects of catcalling and why catcalling occurs in general.

OPINION: “Failure to follow directives” should not be a JCPS disciplinary...

Elimination of the “failure to follow directives” clause will increase transparency and decrease manifestations of discrimination.