OPINION: non-English speakers face discrimination in the U.S.

Immigrants who come to the U.S. unable to speak English face discrimination not only in daily life, but housing and employment as well.

OPINION: The problems with Black Friday

The most popular shopping day of the year is not so great, bringing violence and promoting consumerism, impulse buys and overspending.

OPINION: Academy Awards ought to diversify nominating committee, nominees

With another year of nearly all-white Oscar nominees, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ought to take active steps to both diversify its internal membership and the group of actors it recognizes annually.

OPINION: A lottery admissions system would hurt JCPS

Dr. Rodosky's plan for lottery admission to magnets in JCPS is not only bad for those magnet programs—but bad for the community.

OPINION: Administration and students should compromise on the dress code

While there are many reasons to reconsider the current dress code, one of the ones that is consistently missed is that there are more important things that Manual should worry about.

100 Word Rant: Boys’ Field Hockey

Watch the third installment of the series featuring different Manual students' varying opinions.

OPINION: The ACT is confidential for a reason

Patrick Smalley explains why it's probably best to keep your stellar (or not-so-stellar) scores to yourself.

100 Word Rant: Prom

Watch the second installment of the series featuring different Manual students' varying opinions.

Destigmatizing mental illness in high schools

Guest writer Sarah Kelley calls for a change in how we approach mental illness in schools.

OPINION: Je suis Charlie, ou non?

Two Crimson Record writers weigh in on how much support we should offer Charlie Hebdo.