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Paoli Ortiz is part of the duPont Manual High School Class of 2013. She enjoys CMA and hopes to pursue journalism as her career when she gets older.

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After both the District and Regional Governor’s Cup competitions, Manual‘s Academic Team was able to bring home a first place on Social Studies, Language Arts, Arts & Humanities, Science and Mathematics Assessments. 

Manual’s Quick Recall team also placed first during Regionals against St. Francis High School, deSales High School, Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Brown High School, Central High, Valley High School and Doss High School. 

Ava Chen (11) won first place on the science assessment for regional competition.“Regionals went pretty amazing,” Chen said. “I think we are going to do great in State.”

Freshman Ellie Baker (9) felt proud of her team. “Winning Regionals got me really excited for State, we are much closer to our goal which is winning state,” she said. 

Other Regional competition winners – those who received first, second, or third place and thus advanced to State –  were Andrew Liu (Mathematics Assessment), Elizabeth Scruton (Mathematics Assessment), Jiahui Hu (Mathematics Assessment), Nolan Anderson (Social Studies Assessment), Conor Fitzpatrick (Social Studies Assessment), Ava Chen (Science Assessment), Meghamsh Kanuparthy (Science Assessment), Alice Liu (Language Arts Assessment), David Ferguson (Language Arts Assessment) and Carolyn Brown (Arts & Humanities Assessment).

Manual’s academic team is now getting ready for the Governor’s Cup State competition, which will be held  in Lexington, KY on March 10 and 11.

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After finishing the league and match play for the season undefeated, Manuals’ Academic Team  is ready to start the new year with a new season and hopefully do well on the tournaments that will follow next semester.
The Quick Recall members had time to relax during winter break.“We didn’t have anything to do over the break, just relaxation for me and the team,” team sponsor Mr. Krause (Psychology) said.

The academic team is now getting ready for the Governors cup, which begins on the week of January 23. 

“I’m just ready to start this season, I hope we do as good as we did last season,” Ellie Baker (9) said. 

The Middle Grades (6-8) and High School (9-12) divisions include a District, Regional and State competition. Membership fees are $325 in the Middle Grades and High School divisions.

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‘Manual’s junior varsity Quick Recall team won both of its first matches of the season Thursday, October 13 against Eastern and Ballard High Schools at duPont Manual‘s library and Thursday, Oct 20 against Seneca and Central High Schools at Seneca.

The first match results were: Manual: 46, Eastern: 16; Manual: 38, Ballard: 18; and the second match results were: Manual: 59, Central: 7; Manual: 52, Seneca 10.

According to Mr. Raymund Krause (Psychology), the team was excited to start off the season and find out new members’ strengths and weaknesses. “This is actually my first year with the Quick Recall team, so I’m excited to see what awaits me and a little nervous at the same time,” Mr. Krause said.

Jiahui Hu (10) felt confident about the first matches. “I think we did pretty good. The scores say it all,” Hu said.

Ava Chen (11) also felt good about the matches, especially about their second match. “I think that the second match against Central and Seneca was easier, although everything went pretty good in both matches,” Chen said.

Each member of the team was expected to bring one snack for the match as a friendly gesture. “We bring snacks to be cordial with the other teams and also to have a little ‘party’, we like to be serious but also have fun,” Mr. Krause said.

The team’s practice has so far consisted of asking each other question about different subjects. Sometimes they would divide in two groups and compete against each other. “I think that competing against each other is very efficient because is basically like a match, except that it’s between us,” Hu said.

The team is getting ready for their next matches: Oct. 27 against PRP and Valley High Schools, Nov. 3 against Fairdale and Iroquois High Schools, and Nov. 10 against Western and Male High Schools.

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After members were selected in tryouts on August 29, the Quick Recall team held its first official meeting on September 12 in Mr. Raymund Krause’s (Psychology) room, room 121, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Eight Varsity and twelve Junior Varsity members were admitted. 

At the meeting, established members of the team emphasized that all members should go to every practice. The team generally runs questions at practices and has a few mandatory practices prior to a tournament.

Quick Recall meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 P.M. Junior Varsity practice is held in Mr. Krause’s room and Varsity in Mr. Christian Jensen’s (Math) room, room 306.

“The team is flexible about missing a few practices. If someone absolutely can’t make it, they don’t have to come, but Quick Recall is supposed to take highest priority,” said Ava Chen (11).

In a Quick Recall game, a moderator asks players questions about a variety of subjects — anything from science to literature to pop culture. Players answer toss-up questions individually. If a player answers a toss-up correctly, the moderator follows with a bonus question, on which the entire team collaborates and gives the answer to the captain, who responds.

According to Eliza Scruton (11), Quick Recall is competitive but still requires reliance on teammates. “We all have certain subject areas we focus on,” Scruton said. “Maybe on a science question, I won’t know the answer, so I have to rely on our science person to know the answer. But then on an art question, the same person will have to rely on me.” 

“I love the game,” said Chen, who has participated in Quick Recall since fifth grade. “There’s a sort of thrill in putting together the clues to get a point a fraction of a second before everyone else. Quick Recall is a speed game. You have to recognize the right asnwer and react to buzz in before the other team and your own teammates, or you dont get the point,” she said.

In addition to the quizzes, studying, and practice that Quick Recall requires, the game is beneficial to the members in less direct ways. “I’ve met so many of my friends, not just in Manual or in town schools, but also in other schools around the state and even around the country,” Chen said.

Paoli has been in the CMA Magnet at duPont Manual High School For three years. She has taken J1, Desktop Publishing, and is now currently taking J2 and Broadcasting. She enjoys the Communications and Media Arts program and hopes to become a journalist when she gets older.