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The girls lacrosse team helps tutor students at Cochran on Wednesdays after school.

Homecoming took place on September 16, 2011.  Football players and Steering Committee members volunteered to sell tickets to the student body on the day of home-coming.  All tickets were sold for $5.

Mr. Essig teaches the music portion of a rotational History Arts course at YPAS.  Every eight weeks the class rotates to a new arts subject.  To prepare for tests, Mr. Essig uses a review game involving board races.

Executive Council meets each week, up until Red/White Week in order to paint signs.  Each week there is a theme, such as Halloween, songs, movies, etc.  All of the decorations in center hall, second, and third floor are put up by Executive Council.

2011 Red/White Week

Manual’s varsity football team takes another victory on Seneca’s field.  The team took the lead the entire game.  However, the game was stopped due to an injury.  Seneca’s player was taken away in an ambulance during the fourth quarter.

Manual’s varsity football team defeats Ballard 35-7.  The team was losing at half-time, but came back shortly after.  The team was 4-0.

Manual’s football players take a break after football practice to enjoy a game of volleyball.  Many of the players drive together, making it easier to have enough players to play the game.  The game was started by a group of seniors and juniors.

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The duPont Manual PTSA awarded their annual senior scholarship, a one-time 500 dollar award paid directly to the winners’ colleges, to Morgan Zimmer (VA) and Phuong Luu (MST) for the year 2011.  According to Colleen Beach, organizer of the scholarship, in order to apply, students must meet the following requirements: a graduating diploma, duPont Manual senior, member of the PTSA, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher.  Also, applicants must write a 250 word easy, provide a recommendation, and provide a certified GPA and test scores.

Luu is planning to attend the University of Louisville and major in Biology, with a minor in Psychology.  Luu felt that she had missed out on many opportunities, such as taking the PTSA her junior year, that were intended to help with college tuition.   “The incentive that led me to applying for scholarships was because I would like to obtain enough money to pay for my housing next year. Although I’m going to UofL – which is close to home – I want to be independent and living on my own,” she said.

Zimmer is planning to attend Georgetown College, and play soccer there.  She applied because she needed the extra money.  “I am very thankful to have gotten the scholarship. I hope I can make manual PTSA proud,” she said.

By Danielle Hampton, Reporter

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The PTSA is sponsoring a renovation for the teachers’ lounge.

The idea of the project began at the beginning of the year, when the PTSA received feedback from the school community on what the PTSA can do to improve Manual.  The top project was decided by the board. Typically these projects are addressed by fundraising through Partners in Excellence.

“The board thought that improving the teacher lounge was a worthy idea but we could do it without using Partners funds. That’s why we are trying to get donations separately just for the lounge improvements,” said Pamela Wolford, a leader of the renovation.

They are now accepting donations for the project. An appeal was published in the PTSA newsletter urging teachers and parents to send checks to Manual PTSA, at 120 W. Lee St. Louisville, KY 40208, or drop it off at the Main Office. It also noted that checks must be made payable to Manual PTSA, and to put “Teachers’ Lounge” on the memo line.  The project will start as soon as enough money is donated.

By Danielle Hampton